2021.4.28 Notice

Online meetings with staff of University of Groningen were held

Along with the appointment of Prof. Nomachi, new regional director of European Center for Academic Initiatives, a series of online meetings with the staff of University of Groningen were held between April 6 and 19, 2021. University of Groningen (UG) is one of our Global Knowledge Partners. 

During these meetings, we have exchanged up-to-date information in order to stimulate further progress in educational and academic collaborations between two universities.
April 6:  International Strategy and Relations / Central Office of the University
Mr. Mervin Bakker (Director), Ms. Jodien Houwers (Senior Policy Advisor International Cooperation), Ms. Alicja Sobecka (
Regional Coordinator Japan & Oceania) 

April 7:  Center for Japan Studies / Faculty of Arts
Prof. Janny de Jong (Director, Academic coordinator/director Dutch Studies Center Osaka-Groningen) 

April 12:  Campus Fryslân
Prof. Andrej Zwitter (Dean, Academic ambassador UG-OU) 

April 15:  Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen / Faculty of Arts
Prof. Tjalling Halbertsma (Director), Prof. Jan van der Harst (Academic director Dutch Studies Centre Fudan-UG; European Studies Centre Tsinghua-UG) 

April 19:  Faculty of Science and Engineering
Prof. Jasper Knoester (Dean), Ms. Liza ten Velde (Policy Advisor Internationalization)