About Us

Regional Director NOMACHI Masaharu
Staff member Ms. KATSUMATA Mami


The Osaka University European Center for Academic Initiatives supports international research and educational activities held in Europe. We also offer the following forms of support for Osaka University alumni activities in Europe.

  1. Support of study abroad/internships from Osaka University to European universities
  2. Promotion of study abroad from European universities to Osaka University and consultation for students who wish to study abroad
  3. Assistance for international research activities conducted by Osaka University staff in Europe
  4. Deepening of relationships with partner institutions in Europe
  5. Support for activities of the Osaka University Alumni Association of Europe (OUAAE)
  6. Survey/analysis of academic trends in Europe

Our office is in the Harmonie Building of the University of Groningen. Groningen is a university town located in the northeast of the Netherlands. The university was established in 1614 and is the second-oldest in the country after Leiden University.