2021.6.18 Notice

PhD Day at the University of Groningen was held

OU European Center for Academic Initiatives participated in the PhD Day 2021 held on June 4. It was an online event organised by the University of Groningen (UG) for PhD students to broaden their research and career perspectives. Participants could join various online seminars, visit virtual booths presented by universities and companiesand request consultation with them. 

This event was organised by a group of PhD students at UG. There were many useful and informative sessions regarding carrier development, arranged from the viewpoint of current students. Participants had active discussions about their future perspectives. 

There were approx. 550 participants at the event, not only from the Netherlands but also from neighbouring countries, such as Hungary, Portugal, or Turkey. At the booth of Osaka University, general information of our university was provided for visitors. Prof. Nomachi (Regional Director of European Center for Academic Initiatives), Dr. Martijn Zwama (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor of ISIR), Dr. Floris van Eerden (Specially Appointed Researcher, IFReC) (both are graduates of UG) and Ms. Katsumata (staff of European Center) responded with questions from participants.