2021.10.13 Notice

Virtual Conference hosted by TU Dresden and Osaka University (IJADE 2021) was held

Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) and Osaka University (OU) have hold IJADE 2021, a virtual conference that has focused on “Collaborating within the New Normal” on 21, 22, and 27, September 2021, with 87 attendees from both universities and partner organizations.

On 21 September, Plenary Session began with greetings from Executive Vice President KAWAHARA Genta, OU, and Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff, Chief Technology Transfer and Internationalization Officer, TUD.

Ms. NAKAJIMA Sachiko, a musician, mathematician, and producer of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai gave a keynote lecture. After the lecture, panel discussion facilitated by Dr. Uwe Brandenburg, Managing Director, Global Impact Institute, was held with panelists discussing over international exchange in the era of New Normal.

On 22 September, Workshop I was held with presentations by funding organizations of Japan and Germany such as JSPS, JST and DAAD. We had active Q&A sessions regarding formation of future partnership between Japan and Germany.

On 27 September, Workshop II focused on how we could work together sustainably under the “New Normal” was held. Associate Professor KAMON Yuri, Graduate School of Science, OU, Ms. Richter-Babekoff, International Affairs Advisor, School of Science & Center for Teacher Education and Educational Research, TUD, and Ms. Jyotika Dalal, Intercultural Trainer and Educator, made presentations to share their experiences of good practices.

In the following breakout session, participants talked about one’s experience under the New Normal and summarized information of what they learned on an online white board. Participated universities confirmed to proceed to continuous discussion over the topic.